Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today I am thankful for things that are fun and days that are fun. Yesterday was an excellent day of fun!!

It all started when I went to lunch with Butch Ross at Blue Coast burrito and got to see my very favorite person of life, Mr. Garry "Awesome-sauce" Burke. (I am not actually sure that anyone refers to him as "awesome-sauce" but it is a delightful epithet that I recently learned and so I have decided to bestow this lovely moniker to Garry.) I have missed his face so much! Not only that, but he may offer me a job at the first of the year!

I also had a lovely lunch with Butch who is excellent company and who is very craft-y and funny. We followed our luncheon (I used "luncheon" here on account of the fancy factor. It was not a fancy lunch but I need to make sure that you all understand that this blog is classy.) with a trip to the mall to buy butch some tux things on account of his symphony debut tonight. He got everything for a zillion percent off! That was very lucky! And, also, the sales guy was extra jolly and hilarious. I may go hang out at the men's department at JC Penney more often. But, they might decide I am some sort of shoplifter or psycho-maniac and force me to leave if I just hang around there on a daily basis. Perhaps I'll give this a bit more thought...

Following the great tux shopping excursion of '09 with Butch "Fast walking" Ross, I went out and had some holiday cheer (read: tequila) and made about a squillion Christmas cards for people I know and like in Chattanooga. I managed to hand a grand total of not that many of them out, but the ones I did hand out made me feel very happy and Christmas joy-y.

THEN, I had dinner with Brother Ron and his friend (Oh, shoot. I forgot his name. Gah, I suck.) at Champy's on MLK and we had such a lovely time eating tamales and fried chicken and key lime pie and talking about theatre and life. He is by far one of the most special people in the world to me. I am so happy I got to spend that time with him. Also, there was a guy playing guitar there named Lefty Williams. I thought aloud "Hey, this guy is really good!" and Ron replied "Did you notice he only has one arm?" He was strumming with the end of his missing arm! He was INCREDIBLE! I can't even play guitar with two good hands and this guy is just wailin' on it with one! It was such a powerful reminder that we are all capable of overcoming adversity in our lives if we put our minds to it.

I went from there to Cancun's to visit my J.Ring and Nick and, what do you know, they were having karaoke night! Now, I have only done karaoke once before (a rousing rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" with Jewelie D. Ridiculous.) so I wasn't really anticipating getting up there but Jenn convinced me and I ended up having a blast singing Allison Krauss, Aretha Franklin and, oh, you now, the Spice Girls. Oh and Freid and I did the running man for Nick and Jeremy's rendition of "Ice, Ice, Baby." Excellent.

I then stopped into Tremont Tavern to see Christian and Butch and watch Tim Cofield do some very interesting renditions of Christmas tunes. I love the Tavern! After that I went back downtown (where I had stopped in earlier to see Butch at Chili's and ran into Mike and Gail and chatted for, oh, 45 minutes. I also ran into Jordan outside Raw. More on that after the parentheses -->) and went to Raw to see how much drunker Jordan had gotten for his birthday. It was pretty awesome. Inebriated white boys dancing (Jordan, Dig, J.R., Gabe) is approximately hilarious almost all of the time. We had so much fun dancing around and being totally silly. Although, I will say, I have never had so many people put their hands on my ass in one night in my life. Some dude even stopped me in the street walking TO Raw to twirl me and then grab my ass. I mean, seriously?! But, you know, whatever.

Anyway, it was an awesomely fun day. And NOW I am home and heading to Allison's graduation party. This is going to be such a happy week! I love being at home and I LOVE Christmas!!!

Oh, and, of course, I love all of you!!!

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