Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Namaste, y'all!!

I am SO excited to announce that I am officially a yoga teacher!! Yesterday I received my certification from Dolly Stavros and I could not be more thrilled! I am so grateful for this goal to be realized! Dolly rocks and my teammates rock and I am just beside myself with joy and gratitude! I love you all!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Opportunities Abound

I know it's been a minute since I last posted, but I've been a busy girl! Plus, I had to put myself in time-out for a little while on account of sometimes a Cruzan bucket makes you say stupid things to people you are attracted to. :p Aaaaaaannnnyyyywwwwaaaayyyyy, I am so thankful for several things today.

First, I am so thankful for my band. We had a BLAST last night playing at Lindsay Street. I am so proud of what we are doing and I just love my band more than just about anything. They are my family and I am absolutely so lucky to be a part of that group!

Second of all, I am so thankful for opportunities that have begun to present themselves. I have a tendency to overthink and overplan my life and sometimes things crop up and remind me that I am 23 years old and I have the ability at this moment to take advantage of those opportunities. It's easy to think "Why do I not have some fabulous grown-up career?" or "Why don't I have some fabulous grown-up boyfriend?" or even "fiance" or "Why do I not know where I want to live and work and love?" But, all of those things mean that some part of me would have to settle down at this moment and I am at an age that makes me able and free to explore and go on adventures and that's awesome! I am so fortunate to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want and have to answer only to myself and my sense of adventure. It's kind of exciting, really.

Finally I am so thankful for my health and my life in general. I have recently been rocked by the reality of health problems. I keep reminding myself that I am so incredibly fortunate to have a body that can do just about anything I ask of it, I am healthy and strong and I have people who love and support me. That is so important and we have a tendency to forget, I think. It's easy to forget how important good health is until you don't have it anymore.

In closing, as always, life is good and I am so thankful for every moment of it.

Light and Love,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A quiet night at home

Today I'm thankful for being able to do nothing all day long. Now, I could be sort of bummed that I did basically nothing all day but it's been nice. I spent the morning chatting and laughing with my mom and then I came back to Chattanooga and watched a Big Bang Theory marathon, talked to Christian and made some plans. It was lovely to just sort of veg out in my sweats. So, this may not be the most exciting bit of gratitude, but nonetheless, I am thankful. I love you.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

Enter 2010!

And I entered it with a bang! Last night was amazing. I got to be in Nashville. I went to a party with Ape. Then, I chatted with Butch for a while on the phone, went to Riverfront park and watched the guitar drop, ran into Mikey B. and Tosha on the street as everyone cheered and sang and the fireworks lit up the night, walked to the Ryman because my cell phone died and I was afraid I'd not be able to find Jamie and Bryan and I ran into Geoff, met up with Jamie and Bryan, went to Rippy's with Jamie and drank and laughed and had a generally awesome time just hanging out, saw Patrick M. and Jamie-Jam W., got hit on by a hilariously creepy dude, and then passed out for a bit at a hotel downtown, got up to get my car at 5:30am, drove home where mom had locked the deadbolt so I slept in the car for two hours and finally got in. All in all, a rockin' good night!

I am just so thankful for a New Year, I can't contain myself! Not that 2009 wasn't a wonderful year for me but I am just grateful to have a new year to have big adventures, big accomplishments, failures to learn from, opportunities to fall in love, people to befriend, songs to sing and have more love to share.

This posting will have two parts: I'd like to start it by recapping why I loved and am thankful for 2009 and will end with a little list of my goals for the year 2010 (or resolutions as you may call them).

2009 was an amazing year for me on so many levels. Sure, there were stresses and setbacks, sadnesses and disappointments, but for the most part 2009 was extremely good for me in that:

1. For the first time in the three years that I've lived in Chattanooga, I began to really begin to enjoy it. I finally found my place in this town.

2. In February, I got to be a part of "Company" at the CTC. This was such a blessing for me in that it got me involved at CTC again, which I so missed, and introduced me to some of the people I would come to love deeply this year: Brother Ron, Mitchell, Andrew, Anne, and, of course, Scott. These are the people I go to when I need a little love and who I have love for en mass.

5. Around March/April, Jessica finally invited me to come and play music with her, effectively beginning Moon Slew. I am SO incredibly thankful for Jessica and for Moon Slew on so many levels, especially in that they have become my Chattanooga family. We are literally like brothers and sisters. I love having them in my life.

Being a part of this band and the music scene in this town has been such a joy for me. I get to do something that I absolutely love and I have made some of the best friends in the world! It's also really given me the opportunity to become extremely involved in my community. I know so many people now that I almost never go anywhere alone. I almost certainly can expect to see someone I know whenever I go out. It's really incredibly cool and comforting. It's been amazing to watch my lonliness sort of disappear.

On a personal level, it has also done such wonders for me in terms of self-confidence and love. I have had such a hard time in the past with being self-deprecating and shy and this year has given me so much confidence and comfort in my own skin. It's truly amazing.

6. In June, I got to play Diana Messerschmann in "Ring Round the Moon" at the CTC. I loved every moment of it. It was the first play I've ever done and it was such fun! And, once again, I made some incredibly close friends in Joanna, Jonathan, Chad, Lisa, John, Shanelle and, of course expanded my love for Scott, Br. Ron, and Mitchell. It was an amazing experience.

7. Also in June and July, I interned at CTC and got to spend every day falling more and more in love with the theatre and becoming involved in every aspect. It was a really fun experience. I am so fortunate to live in a town with such a great community theatre.

8. For 4th of July we went to Moon Slew. I have all kinds of things I could share about this trip, but I'll keep it to myself. Suffice it to say, it was enough fun that I felt I needed to mention it.

9. In August I graduated from college. I have never been so relieved in all my life, but it has been a scary transition. I'm thankful for all of the potential I have, though. I can literally go just about anywhere from here once I take that first step and it's exciting! I'm thankful for that.

10. Also in August, I went to the beach with mom and the Twinkies (which is always fun) and then started working at North Shore Yoga. NSY has been such a blessing in my life. Despite what it has done for my body and my spirit, it has also introduced me to a slew of wonderful, kind, beautiful people who I now count as my friends. I love being a part of that community. It's been a life-saver in more ways than I can even disclose.

11. In September I started Yoga Teacher Training with Dolly Stavros. It's truly scary taking such a risk but I am so proud of what I've accomplished so far and I count Dolly as one of my greatest role models. She is unnaturally cool. She's not even of this world. I aspire to achieve some iota of her coolness someday. There just aren't words for how much I admire and love Dolly. Plus, I am training with a group of the strongest, most beautiful souls I have ever met. They are amazing!

12. In October, I got to go to New York with Scott and Stacy. It was an eye-opening trip for me. I won't go into much of it because I have so much to say about it, but I will highlight the best part. Scott and I went to see Hair on Broadway and it literally changed my life. I have never loved a show as much as I loved Hair. It was literally the most incredible theatre experience o my life. AND Scott and I danced onstage with the amazingly talented cast. It was UNREAL. I will never forget it.

13. I turned 23 in November. No big deal. Although, my birthday party was FUUUUUNNNNN!!!!

14. Finally, December has been lovely. Moon Slew played a gig or two, I sang at Butch's Xmas show and got mentioned in Casey's column (how cool?!) and I got to come home and spend a week with my family and best friends. Really really lovely.

All in all, I have very few complaints about '09. I am happy.


I have a few Resolutions to share: (Well, I have a lot of resolutions but I'll keep most of them to myself. I just feel like mentioning these because I think they're the most important.)

1. Actively pursue my dreams.
2. Smile as often as possible.
3. Laugh every day.
4. Love everybody, but don't allow myself to be hurt by those who don't love me back. Protect my heart.
5. Tell someone every day that I love them.
6. Hug someone every day.
7. Forgive myself for my shortcomings.
8. Forgive those who have hurt me.
9. Sweat once a day. ;)
10. Be content with being alone, if necessary.
11. Dance as often as possible.
12. Be a light in the lives of others. Don't inflict darkness.
13. Take more risks and be content no matter the outcome.
14. Practice yoga as often as possible.

Those are just a few on a long list of very specific things. These are more abstract and meaningful to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful year! I love you and am so thankful for you!!