Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Days 8 and 9: Why isn't the sun awake yet?!

Welcome to Wednesday!

The reason I am only now writing about Monday and Tuesday is that by the time I got home on Monday and Tuesday, it was all I could do to manage getting my pajamas on before I fell into my bed and passed out. If you've never seen really intense pillow-face, come to my house next Tuesday morning. You will not believe it!

I started my new internship at Williams Web on Monday, which I LOVE, but which also leaves me with very limited time. So, I had no choice but to take 6am yoga. (Seriously, no choice. I would never choose to take 6am, unless I had to. It's early.) Let me tell you, waking up at 5am is no picnic. In fact, I didn't even realize there was a 5 in the morning until now!! Waking up before the sun makes me a little off-kilter. But, fortunately, I got up at 5 two mornings in a row and went to class and I am so grateful to have given myself that gift. I am dedicated to my practice and well-being and I am proud of that. I am also so grateful to Kelsey and Sara for teaching beautiful sequences and for waking me up and energizing me for the day.

Here's what I'm learning from 6am yoga:
Your body is not always ready for everything you want to throw at it. But, you have to learn to adapt to it. When I practice early in the morning, my back and hamstring are tighter, my arms feel a little less powerful, my balance feels incredibly different, and yet, the practice of opening my body in that way, preparing for the day ahead is very freeing. It allows me room to grow that I don't necessarily get from an evening class. It's a very humbling practice. I can't tell you how many times I fell out of even the simplest postures yesterday morning. But, I steadied myself and started again and I think I'm all the better for it.

This morning, I had intended to also go to 6am, but my body told me no by way of not waking up until 6:30. Oops. (Sorry Kelsey and Katherine! I lied!) But, sometimes, our bodies need rest and I do teach two classes on Wednesdays so, though it's not an excuse, I will still be tired later At least there's that!

Plus, once again I had rehearsal for the Grand Illumination party until 9 o'clock last night and stupidly headed to the Tremont thinking I would only be there for a few minutes to say hi and get hugs from my favorite people and then go home. Duh, Hayleyface. I ended up being there for about an hour and a half and came home and totally collapsed in a heap of exhaustion (after I updated my Facebook status, of course. Priorities, people!) I also ran into the undesirable former friend who makes me sad, so I was itching to get home and put it out of my head, but it's hard to let people go. Especially when they are people that you love. I'm trying super hard, but it's unavoidable that I will run into him and at this point, it hurts every time, but little by little I am hoping it will dissipate. I'm trying to be strong and keep my frustration and sadness over the situation in check, but it's not easy. Not easy at all. I am strong. I will get past it. I am strong.

So, I "slept in" this morning (It's almost sad to think that "sleeping in" means 6:30am...) and I don't feel bad about it. My body feels more ready to face an active day and I am looking forward to expressing my gratitude to each and every person I come across today. I love you all and I wish you a happy Wednesday and a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving!!!!


But, I digress.

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  1. You looked beautiful last night & not a bit tired!
    The "undesired former friend" thing... Is that what the office situation was?
    Since I won't see you till after Thanksgiving, I hope your day is full of love & laughter - because that's what you bring to our table!
    Love & hugs-