Sunday, November 21, 2010

Days 5&6: Competition killed the cat... or... something...

Hello darling people,

It's been a crazy but fun couple of days, which is why I haven't gotten around to posting until now. And, even now, I am multi-tasking by blogging and watching Parenthood (which, by the way, makes my life happy. Watch it. Seriously. I mean it.)

Yesterday was day 5 and I was again unable to practice, but this time due to an overbooked schedule. It shouldn't be an excuse but I literally was running around all day long, from working childcare in the midst of a glass-shattering incident, to getting my ears lowered, to getting HIRED (!!!!) at Williams Web, to making sparkly sunglasses, to having dinner with fabulous friends, to going to see Elton John (!!!!) with the amazing Amber, Stephen and Lisa. It was a crazy day and, though I am somewhat bummed to have not gotten to practice, I wouldn't have traded a great day like yesterday for anything. So, maybe that was the yoga for yesterday: being content to... be content. Sometimes, maybe taking care of yourself and being kind to your body and soul means allowing yourself the freedom from guilt that sometimes accompanies not quite accomplishing the goals you've set out for yourself. So yesterday, I gave in and gave up being frustrated with myself for missing my practice two days in a row. I let myself know that tomorrow could be a new day and I could start again. And it came, and it was, and it was wonderful.

I woke up early this morning and drove into Nashville, hoping to take the 10:00 class from Gillian at Steadfast and True Yoga. So, I got to the studio at 9:30 and realized there was no 10:00 class. I was super bummed and could not bear the thought of not taking class and I couldn't wait until 11:15 so I hopped in the car and drove to Sanctuary to take a Vinyasa Level 2/3 with Daphne. To be honest, I wasn't thrilled to be there because I had my heart set on taking Gillian's class and for whatever reason I just felt intimidated by the studio. So, as I walked into the studio, I wasn't feeling super confident or energetic. But, then, as I sat there, other students started trickling in and I found myself getting irritated by the students who clearly were regulars to that class who were flying into handstand again and again and doing other things that felt very show-offy to me. And as I started to feel myself getting irritated over this silly thing, I thought to myself, "I'll show them." How terrible is that?! And yet, I know that to be true of me a lot of the time. I am competitive. Sometimes to a fault. What were those people hurting by playing on their mats before class started? I do it, too. But, I am so competitive, that the faults I see in myself make me totally crazy when I see them in others. And watching people in their competitive zone makes me dive right into mine.

So what was the lesson? Well, I was still in sort of a funny, doubting mood when class started, but then Daphne led us through a beautiful, flowing practice that I just loved. Time moved so quickly and suddenly it was over and I felt so grounded and peaceful. And that is why I went to class in the first place, right? I go for the sense of joy yoga brings to my life. So, why would I care what other people can do on their mats. I can't gain or lose anything by what other people can or can't do. It literally does not affect me. So that's what I am trying to learn. How to wear blinders on my mat. It's hard, but I can do it.

Finally, tonight I went with my Daddy to see the Blue Men and it was INCREDIBLE! If y'all ever get the chance to see them, you HAVE to go! I'm obsessed. What a fabulous way to end the day!

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!
6 days down, 34 to go!!
I love you!

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