Monday, November 29, 2010

Days 12, 13, 14 and 15: I suck at blogging.

Y'ALL! I have fallen down on the blogging job this weekend!

It'll be difficult to really recap the last 4 days on account of the fact that they have been very eventful and also because I am twelve and a half seconds from passing out, approximately. But, I will do my best.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving at home in Nashthrill with my family. We at lunch at my Daddy's and "watched" football (by which I mean I slept on the big chair while everyone else watched football) and then we ate dinner at my mom's. Then I passed out with my clothes on at about 8:30pm. (I am truly pathetic.) But, I am always so happy to be home. I love my family so much and my heart lives there. I didn't manage any yoga on Thanksgiving or the day after, but what I did get to do is sing! Dressed as Dickensian characters, Andrew, Lisa and I wandered the North Shore singing Christmas carols much to the delight (read: confusion and mild fear) of passers-by. It was fun, albeit cold. Then, we sang at the Theatre Centre party for the Grand Illumination. It was really a fun night, capped off at Andrew and Mitchell's, laughing and laughing and laughing some more. I've said it once and I'll say it about a gazillion more times: I am so fortunate to know and love the people I know and love.

Saturday was a yoga extravaganza, though! I woke up feeling basically like crap on a cracker, with a snotty nose and a fat turkey-belly (read: marshmallow-belly). I almost let myself sleep in, but I got up and took Perry's class, and really got to wring out some of the garbage in my system AND excitement of excitements, I managed to convince myself to try to hop my feet into handstand at the wall and totally did it! I am now obsessed with doing that! It's so much fun and it makes me feel so strong and balanced! Following that, I ran down to see BJ at the Tremont, which was so nice, because I very rarely get to see him anymore and I am always thankful for time spent with friends I don't often get to see. And it also reminds me that sometimes people fall to the wayside and it's more than worth fighting to keep them present in your life. I need to remember to make time for old friends who aren't as accessible as others. I love BJ and was so happy to get to spend that short time just sitting and chatting with him.

Following that, I went to the Partner Yoga workshop at NSY with Matt FJ. It was so much fun! I love the ability to use another person as resistance or strength to help you deepen postures, connect with that person and even to fly! We really did have fun and Kendall and Brantley are wonderful teachers. I'm so glad I gave myself the gift of that experience and I'm so grateful to Matt for being my partner when I would otherwise not have had one. It meant the world to me and he was a great partner!

The day ended with dinner at Meeting Place (pumpkin martini? yes, please!) with Matt, Kelsey and Jody and Jason, which was super fun and enlightening. I love learning about people and deepening my relationships with new friends. It's really fun!! And then Matt, Jason and I headed to Market St. to see Moon Slew play. It was also Allison Foster's birthday so we got to celebrate with her, which was fun! It was such a wonderful, uplifting day.

Sunday, I woke up feeling crummy again and once again, had to force myself out of bed to head to Lisa's class. It was sort of tough to melt into any posture as my nose was running like a faucet, so the yoga was to try and sit with that without worrying that people would be grossed out by my pack of tissues or the sound of me sniffing and to let go. I heard someone say once that if you feel bad, you're going to feel bad whether you are laying on the couch or getting some exercise so you might as well exercise. And I did. I sweated and I blew my nose 40 thousand times and I got through and you know what? At the end of class, I felt better. I went to Sunday Funday with the whole gaggle of Misfits and had a blast laughing and singing in the cold with my Chatta-family. I love them.

Today was a long day. It started with work at the studio, where I was faced with information that made me really think about my priorities in life and how I treat the people in mine. It became apparent to me how fortunate I am to live the life I live and to have so many people in my life that care about me and are there for me if and when I need them. I am so lucky. And I am so lucky to have had very little tragedy in my life. But, tragic things happen to people every day and we have to deal with that. It's a reminder that our time on this Earth and with these people we come into contact with is precious and fleeting. We have to take care of and dedicate time to our relationships with the ones we love because we could lose all of that in a moment. It was a somber thought to start the morning, but it made me feel more responsible to my relationships and actions. I took Lisa's class this evening and at the end, I sent up a prayer. I prayed for good health and peace and joy for all the ones I know and love and those I love and am yet to meet and for those I love who don't love me and those I love who don't know how to love. We all deserve that love and why wouldn't I extend a gesture of love to every heart in my field of energy? That's my yoga for today: learn to love everyone, so that you never waste a moment of your life on negativity and cruelty, because I guarantee that one day, you will regret every little slight, every unkind word, every argument. So, limit them. Make your life about joy and love and let them sit with you without expectation of reciprocation. It may not come back to you the way you want it to, but it always comes back.

Alright, kitties, I am too sleepy to continue, but I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!
xoxo and I love you,

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