Thursday, January 13, 2011

She is love.

I have a tendency sometimes to repeat patterns in my life. Especially patterns of self-deprication, self-inflicted loneliness and depression. Now, don't start to get worried. They're not self-destructive in the sense that I would physically be harmed by them, but they are destructive in that they make me sluggish and sad, angry and hurt. And, often, they make me feel this way for very little cause. Small things can bring these patterns on, like someone slighting me in some way or a relationship, romantic or not, not meeting my expectations.

So, I tend to withdraw when these feelings occur. I start to lock myself away, both literally and figuratively, and sink into this dark place in my mind. It's as if my heart, that is so powerful and full normally, decides to shrink and let my overworking mind take its place in the order of things. It's not a happy way to live.

And I honestly don't experience it super often, but when it hits it can feel overwhelming and I've had bouts of it in the last few weeks. Tonight, I had a bit of that feeling early on, and I considered wrapping myself up in blankets and hunkering down for the night, wallowing in self-defeat. But, instead, I decided that I would put on my big-girl boots and go out to see my beautiful and talented friend Megan play a set at the Tremont.

Thank goodness.

I was reminded as I arrived there of why my heart is so full and why it's so incredibly ridiculous that I ever feel anything but joy. I have some of the most wonderfully kind, beautiful, loving people in my life. Megan, Ryan, Mike and Gail are rocks in my life. They are people who make me smile. They are people who give me so much without ever having to make an effort. They are honest, they are fair, they believe in me, they believe in each other, they care, they worry, they love, they laugh. And I am better for knowing them.

I just kept thinking as I sat there that I wouldn't rather be anywhere else in those moments. I love being with those people. I love that I never have to be anyone but who I am with them. That is the mark of true friends; people who love you for who you are, flaws and all. And I am just so terribly grateful. And I am no longer of weakened heart. My heart is full and when my head hits the pillow I will sleep soundly knowing that I am so well loved and that I have so much love in return to give.

Gail, Mike, Ryan, Megan: I love you guys. Thank you for being a part of my life.
To everyone else: That goes for you too. :)
I love you all.
Happy Thursday!

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