Saturday, January 8, 2011

Light my fire.

This week in my class I talked about fire, inspired by Brother Michael's sermon on Sunday. I've had "lighting a fire in my heart" on my mind a lot this week. Michael talked about the properties of fire: heat, light and aiding in sustenance, as well as the ability to burn. He asked how we could light a fire without burning. One of my resolutions for the new year was to do more for other people. So, my thoughts have been centered on how I can do and be more for other people without burning them or myself. I think it's an incredible symbol to meditate on. In yoga, we talk about building fire in our bodies, firing up our breath, etc. etc. We use fire as a symbol of strength and power and endurance. But, most of the time we overlook the burning, or injurious quality of fire. We have to allow ourselves the option to rest and back off; catch our breath. You may think of this as giving oxygen to the fire so that it may sustain itself. The sustainability of the fire allows us to draw on that energy without burning out or injuring ourselves. This can be applied in life, I think. I think that if we take a moment in our lives to breathe, slow down, allow ourselves some space from the things in our lives that burn us, we fan the flame that sustains our ability to help ourselves and others. We allow ourselves more energy to be a light and a source of warmth for the world around us.

So that's my goal for 2011: be a fire without being a burn. (or something. It's getting late.)

Have a beautiful Sunday! I only wish I could be at West End UMC again tomorrow, but I suppose I'll get to attend next week! I'll just hope they post the podcasts soon!

I love you all!

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