Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love and marriage and Wade and peace

The last few days have been amazing, in a number of ways both good and thought-provoking. Let's start by talking about Katie and Gordon getting married (!). Katie and Gordon were married yesterday in a beautiful service at St. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga. It was followed by a fun reception at the Grandview and a late-night snack for me at the Terminal with Pamela, Robyn and Josh, her boy. It was such a special and weird time for me. I am so incredibly thrilled for Katie and Gordon. They are beautiful people that I adore and I am so excited that they have committed to be with one another forever. It's amazing. I think it's so beautiful and extraordinary and at the same time, terrifying. They are definitely different people than me. I am sort of freaking out about having married friends. I don't feel like I'm old enough for that. I also had the striking sense of being left behind while at the wedding. Not that I didn't enjoy myself. It was fun and I loved all of Katie and Gordon's friends but I had the distinct awareness that I was one of the very few single people there. I sort of feel like I'm behind in some way. It's a little bit scary. But, then, I think to myself that my path doesn't include another person at this point in my life and theirs do. It's just a different way of living. I have to just keep reminding myself that right relationships come with time and that I move at my own pace and live my life with my heart open and that's ok.

Second of all, I have to talk about Wade Morrissette. Wade came to teach at NSY on Thursday and I have never been so inspired. Wade is incredible and he really filled my heart. I love him and am incredibly grateful for that. I also had the pleasure of getting to spend two hours in a car with him driving to Nashville and he is hilarious, totally down-to-earth and unpretentious. He is someone that I absolutely admire and will seek out for inspiration and influence from now on. I am so lucky to have gotten to meet him. I have so many more things to say but I'll have to edit later because I am literally falling asleep. :p

I love you all and I'm grateful for you.

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