Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The ego has landed

Hello cats and kittens,

I'm back.

Today was a total shit-storm for most of the day. Let's recap, shall we? I overslept, having my boss call me (waking me out of my coma-like slumber) because fortunately she was there to check everyone in. So I run like a maniac to get there and forget my security tag for BCBS, where I was subbing a class. So, I borrow Jessica's (as I have a million times before) but I get stopped at security for having on someone else's badge. They call the head of security and I proceed to have a nervous breakdown. Then, I take my car to the garage because something is wrong with the brakes. I get there and am told I also need new tires about a month ago so I should get them now. $650 later, I have new tires, rotors and rear brakes. Well, at least I won't have a fiery car crash from bad brakes. :/

So, anyway, to get to the gratitude portion of the post (after all, that is supposed to be the point of this blog, you know) I get to my class at the RUSH tonight and I am totally run down and sort of depressed but I am determined not to make my class suffer so I suck it up and teach, making positivity my mantra for the class. Afterward, as I am leaving, the girl at the front desk says "Are you Hayley?" And I think to myself "Oh, shit, what now?", but respond "Yes, why?" She says "This guy just told me that you're awesome and he put a note about you on the bulletin board. You should go read it!" So, I go to the bulletin board and he's written a note that says "I have been taking yoga for the last 5 months and Hayley is by far your best teacher."

Now, I know that I should take my ego out of things, but after a day like today, being paid a compliment like that seriously made my day. Plus, it reminded me that I do something that I really believe in and it actually means something to people. I was so proud and grateful in that moment. I'll probably fall asleep smiling about it tonight. It really meant the world to me.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now. A long day deserves a long night's sleep. I love you all.


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